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I haven't tried this change, but using Meta instead of Alt is very
problematic. As Andreas also noted in one of the comments on review-board,
Meta (i.e. the Windows-key) is usually reserved for global OS- or
window-manager level shortcuts. Depending on window manager, Meta+Left or
Meta+Right may be used for switching windows etc.

Alt and Ctrl on the other hand are typical application-level shortcuts, and
I think that KDevelop's default shortcuts should thus mostly be restricted
to those, especially when the shortcut is not configurable like the
navigation tooltip navigation.

Using Ctrl causes too many clashes (for example ctrl-direction has meanings
in the editor), so the only remaining modifier is Alt. What was wrong with
using Alt?

Greetings, David

2015-09-27 22:01 GMT+02:00 Milian Wolff <mail at>:

> Hey Aleix,
> there is one big bug introduced with your concentration mode: The keyboard
> navigation within the tooltips now triggered with the meta key doesn't work
> anymore.
> For some reason, the change of the key from alt to meta prevents
> ContextBrowserView::event from ever being called with the expected events
> to
> navigate to the next link.
> To reproduce:
> - hover a declaration
> - press and hold Meta, the tooltip should show up
> - press and release right, left, down, up: the active link should switch
> - press enter, the active link should be activated
> none of the last two points works anymore in current master for me, but
> works
> again if I revert the alt <-> meta change.
> Furthermore, I see that we still use meta in other places, e.g. do show
> documentation for code completion items and quickopen items. This should be
> assimilated and also use meta.
> Do you happen to have time to look into these issues?
> --
> Milian Wolff
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