Help to understand/fix Kdevelop Crash

Lucas Tanure tanure at
Sun Mar 15 01:15:29 UTC 2015


I'm trying to use kdevelop for develop linux kernel, but it's crashing
while parsing.
I imported the main makefile from linux kernel source and after a few
minutes the kdevelop crashes.

Take a look at:
*kdevelop* *binaries* :

*llvm* *binaries* :

*kdevelop* *log* :

*gdb* *coredump* :

I created the bug:

and I thought it was the same as: ( not enough memory ram ).
But it's not, it's a real crash. I tested with a 24Gbytes of Ram, and
kdevelop took like 5Gb to parse 50% of linux kernel.

Please help.

Lucas Tanure
+55 (19) 988176559
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