Review Request 123900: GDB plugin enhancements and some command queue optimizations for master branch

Andreas Roth aroth at
Sun Jun 7 13:26:40 UTC 2015

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(Updated June 7, 2015, 1:26 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.


keep original GDB (exec) command order to fix gdb unit tests

Repository: kdevelop


Basically this contains the same changes as but for the master branch.

Repo is available at
- switch the assembler flavor from AT&T to Intel and back in the dissassembler widget
- remove StackList commands from the queue when a new Exec command arrives. This reduces the wait time when stepping through the code quickly.
- remove duplicated command in the queue. Mostly to eliminate duplicate variable updates.
- show the pending command in the command queue. This is purely for debugging and to check which commands are currently pending.
- slight improvements to memory view to use sizeof() when no size argument is given

Diffs (updated)

  debuggers/gdb/debugsession.cpp fe015ae915f190cef266f1c52d0cedf16dfb9007 
  debuggers/gdb/disassemblewidget.h c49e5bc1d9a9234888006e91127a880ef257ba23 
  debuggers/gdb/disassemblewidget.cpp d1735e0ced0523519d2f3864c018bf1d6cfe8f7f 
  debuggers/gdb/gdb.cpp 66fee9e2f5f44a2f76564d9df5f701689a27a874 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommand.h 692c0ac6b6a98b71678f2aa89b8f7940ed390a2e 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommand.cpp 3207fdc896ec0dd0f7de319547bf4302042872a4 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommandqueue.h 9525301bf0614d7613d58ae4dfdcc08da709f7b4 
  debuggers/gdb/gdbcommandqueue.cpp 4bf11d0bd68e1aa0ef1cf2a8008011cf0fb76a55 
  debuggers/gdb/memviewdlg.cpp 08034e6631fc8f103005471a08cf0df031ff85f3 


Testing (updated)

run gdb unit tests


Andreas Roth

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