Review Request 124012: Replace cacheIterator with Iterator Returned from erase

David Narváez david.narvaez at
Fri Jun 5 15:28:55 UTC 2015

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(Updated June 5, 2015, 3:28 p.m.)


This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for KDevelop.


Submitted with commit 55847dc0b173218b567568e90dba7e63359d223e by David E. Narvaez to branch master.

Repository: kdevplatform


It's in general a bad idea to keep iterators to modified containers. In
particular, this was causing a crash in a very strange corner case I did
not fully understand, but this change fixed it.


  project/projectbuildsetmodel.cpp 64a50afb815eb2cbbe2ae1e1ee6d808df3927135 



The crash used to happen when I was removing stuff from my build set, but I don't really know how to reproduce it properly.


David Narváez

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