Review Request 124003: Speed up grep output view

Oleksandr Senkovych bjsenya at
Thu Jun 4 09:56:01 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDevelop and Kevin Funk.

Repository: kdevplatform


Grep output view is very laggy if there is a lot of items. For example on my machine adding just 300 items to this view takes about 10 seconds and whole KDevelop UI becomes unresponsive. After applying proposed changes there is no problem to add even 10 000 items - everything works without any lag. 
Also, I didn't notice any regression in the UI: all rows in the view are displayed properly.


  plugins/grepview/grepoutputview.h 5191c58 
  plugins/grepview/grepoutputview.cpp 2fba779 




Oleksandr Senkovych

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