Review Request 123959: Be Smarter About Handling Current Work Dir

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Mon Jun 1 19:22:32 UTC 2015

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


The corner case this tries to handle is when I set my default folder to
/path/to/folder/withou/trailing/slash because in that case the code we
had will chop 'slash' from the path and my code will end up inside the
parent folder of the one I chose as default.

The case in which this analysis will fail is if you, e.g., choose to
fetch a KDE project, you click on a project you already have (now the
work dir exists and is a dir) and then you click some other project.
Your new project will end up inside the project you chose first. But I
think that is a better compromise than messing up a default folder
without a trailing slash.


  shell/projectsourcepage.cpp 62ffbb6deefde83ca1f43e4a72f2b42cebd1ceb6 



1. Set your default project folder to a path to an existing folder, without a trailing slash (e.g., /home/user/Projects)
2. Select the KDE Provider
3. Choose a project
4. Check the project dir

Before this patch, your project dir will be /home/user/your_project. After this patch, your project dir will be /home/user/Projects/your_project.


David Narváez

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