AW: Preliminary installer for KDevelop (KF5-based, master branch) on Windows (64bit)

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Sun Aug 30 17:46:33 UTC 2015

On Saturday 29 August 2015 12:50:49 dhaumann at wrote:
> ‎Hi Kevin,
> This is super cool.
> Since it already includes KTextEditor, how much work is it to do a Kate
> installer? We would love to have a downloadable kate installer on

Relatively easy to get one for Kate.

Would expect something like one hour for creating a based on I can give it a try as soon as I find the time. 


> Cheers,
> Dominik 
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> Betreff: Preliminary installer for KDevelop (KF5-based, master branch) on
> Windows (64bit)
> Heya,
> during the last few weeks there's been fresh energy to *finally* create an
> Installer for KDevelop for Windows.
> Thanks to the help of Gleb Popov (awesome, skilled guy!) we can finally
> announce a first preliminary version of KDevelop 5 on Windows. Get it here:
> (~ 70 MB)
> Build details:
> - MSVC2015 RTM (x64)
> - Qt 5.5 branch (dyn. OpenGL)
> - KF5 master (+ a few custom patches)
> - kdevplatform/kdevelop master
> - All KDE daemons disabled, it's standalone (only req. dbus-daemon)
> This is *by far* not a production-ready version, it is rather here to give a
> first impression of what KDevelop 5 looks like on Windows. I'd like to
> motivate people interested in the Windows version to join our ranks and
> help to make KDevelop shine on Windows. You can already help by creating
> bug reports, wishes, complaints on using this version!
> We, by far, don't have the manpower to polish KDevelop on Windows. People
> are encouraged to help out as much as possible if they want to make this a
> success.
> There's a long list of known issues, a short excerpt here:
> - Custom icons from kdevelop are missing (working on it)
> - No real compiler selection possible
> - Workaround: Just start kdevelop from the "correct" environment
> - I.e. start "MSVC 20XX command prompt", then start kdevelop.exe
> - Similarly for MinGW-based setups
> - CMake/QMake plugin disables itself if cmake/qmake resp. is not in PATH
> - Workaround: Make sure cmake/qmake is in PATH
> - Paths not displayed correctly (see QTBUG-41729)
> - More...
> I'll write up a blog post about the "journey" to get to an actually
> installer, this was a bumpy road. But right now I'm in a position where I
> can easily trigger a rebuild of an installer within minutes (it's all
> automated via emerge [1], yay!)
> Hope you guys have fun with the version, can do some actual work with it.
> Please, keep in mind. It's an *preliminary* version, by far not production-
> ready. It might kill your kittens, 'nuf said.
> PS: I'll try to update the installer executable when there any noteworthy
> changes.
> Screenshot showing KDevelop on Windows browsing attica.git:
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> [1]

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