Review Request 124601: Added look-ahead matching code completion

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Thu Aug 6 09:45:07 UTC 2015

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Review request for KDevelop.


Submitted with commit 06063496555d7ba954fa2c78cbc3a943666f5c51 by Sergey Kalinichev to branch master.

Repository: kdev-clang


Known shortcomings:

1)Auto type (and many other types) is not exposed through LibClang. So we assign DelayedType to it instead of IdentifiedType, therefore no declaration attached to the type, hence no look-ahead completion.

2)LibClang missing API to determine expected code completion type. To workaround it, now we use types of declarations from the best mathes group. Therefore if no declarations found with a high enough priority, no items will be added to the look-ahead completion group.

As a result the look-ahead completion works only in the simpliest cases.


  clangsettings/clangsettingsmanager.h 0d6eec1 
  clangsettings/clangsettingsmanager.cpp db125f3 
  clangsettings/sessionsettings/sessionconfig.kcfg 63fb6c5 
  clangsettings/sessionsettings/sessionsettings.ui 74a157f 
  codecompletion/context.cpp 1d52021 
  tests/test_codecompletion.cpp fca922d 




Sergey Kalinichev

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