plasmate and kdevelop coming closer?

Giorgos Tsiapaliokas giorgos.tsiapaliokas at
Wed Jun 25 15:07:33 UTC 2014

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 03:41:17 PM Aleix Pol wrote:
> as much as possible from KDevelop and see what is that you don't like.

yes this is what I am doing right now.

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 03:45:59 PM Sven Brauch wrote:
> So what I would intuitively expect for plasmate is that you'd rebuild it on
> top of KDevPlatform, and then ship with the plugins which make sense for you
> only (e.g. QML/JS, Qt documentation, QuickOpen). KDevelop wouldn't be
> involved at all here, since you don't need most of the things from there.
> Is that what you had in mind?


Because I wasn't very clear, also plasmate is called the repository which will 
contain the plasmate IDE and the kdevplatform plugins, which used to be
inside the plasmate IDE and they will become plugins, so kdevelop could use 
them. My suggestion(which wasn't very clear indeed) is to move some of them to 
kdevplatform repository once they are ready and they have been reviewed. For 
instance one of them could be a notes plugin
which as the name says :) the user keeps notes for his project.
The question is, would you like to see stuff like that moving to the 
kdevplatform repository? I could prepare a list with those and discuss further
on a more suitable thread.


P.S.: Also FYI my gsoc takes place in this[1] personal clone in the branch 


Giorgos Tsiapaliokas

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