Releasing KDevelop 4.7

Milian Wolff mail at
Wed Jun 25 10:39:28 UTC 2014

On Saturday 14 June 2014 19:06:49 Milian Wolff wrote:
> Hey all,
> as discussed with Aleix and Kevin during QtCS, we want to release KDevelop
> 4.7 asap. There are a few blockers still in master which I want to look at
> now. Here's my list, please comment on what regressions you notices:
> - assistant focus management
> sometimes, the assistant gets focus while it should not, e.g. in the middle
> of typing which leads to a very awkward workflow
> - project manager view focus management
> sometimes, instead of copying code from the editor, one copies the file from
> the project manager view. On paste, one then inserts the URL to said fail.
> Again, very awkward
> - cannot show multiple toolviews
> this used to work (see mailing thread about that from a few days/weeks ago).
> Once that's in, I think we can release master more or less as-is. Please
> take a minute to review your recent changes and make sure to polish them.
> I'll branch off master into 1.7/4.7 branches next week. We could then also
> release the first beta, hopefully. The final release should then happen in
> July, lets say on the 20th at the latest?

I've now branched of 4.7/1.7 - these branches are now feature & string frozen. 
The translators are notified about this. I'll prepare a first beta release now 
and hope to then push a final version out in about a month. If we find any 
serious issues, we can always release a second beta or move the scheduled 
final release.

Milian Wolff
mail at

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