KDE frameworks 5 future

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Sat Jun 14 17:13:10 UTC 2014

Hey all,

with the release of KDevelop 4.7 coming up, I also discussed the future of 
KDevelop in regard to frameworks 5. Currently, only Aleix and Kevin work on 
making KDevelop future proof in that regard, many thanks! It is a very boring 
task though to repeatedly port new KDevelop code to frameworks 5, and I guess 
we should think about dropping KDE 4 support soonishly.

When we release KDevelop 4.7 at the end of July, I assume we would release the 
next version at the end of the year. Do we want to make this another KDE 4 
version? Or do we want to concentrate on Frameworks 5 instead? To make this 
decision, I urge everyone to try out KDevelop's framework branch - I have to 
do the same. If there are no big blockers, it could be a good decision to drop 
KDE4 after 4.7 and go kf5 only.

So, what are your feelings? Should we stick to KDE4 for KDevelop 4.8? Or 
should we go qt5/kf5 as soon as possible?

Note that we could/should still do KDE4 bugfix releases. Just new features and 
API refactorings should go into the kf5 branch then.

Well, lets start the discussion now :)
Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de

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