Call for help: Update our drupal website!

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Sun Jul 6 12:31:47 UTC 2014

On Saturday 05 July 2014 20:46:25 Milian Wolff wrote:
> Hello all,
> among the various KDevelop users out there, is there anyone interested in
> helping out with updating our website? We currently use Drupal 6, which is
> about to be discontinued. Furthermore, it shows its age when updating the
> KDE servers and the PHP versions they run.
> I'd like to stick to Drupal, if possible. A first step would be to port the
> website to Drupal 7.
> If noone wants to work on that though, we could discuss migrating to some
> other system. But in that case only something very minimalistic would be
> allowed, such as Jekyll or Ghost.


Ghost hardly qualifies for something like, though. It's too basic 
for anything else than just a blog.
> Then, I'd also like to put a call out to everyone to submit/extend our
> screenshot section with $favorite-feature that is not listed there. Also
> updating the screenshots we have would be good, where appropriate.
> Finally, I'd really appreciate it if someone with designer skills could help
> out with improving the visuals of our website. I don't think we need a
> complete makeover (nor do we have the manpower to implement that). Rather,
> I think we should improve the visuals such that individual news items
> better stand out. See these pages e.g.: and


Would be nice to see someone improving the website appearance, indeed.

> Bye

Kevin Funk

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