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Philipp A. flying-sheep at web.de
Fri Jul 4 12:44:40 UTC 2014

2014-07-04 13:27 GMT+02:00 Aleksey Midenkov <midenok at gmail.com>:

>  > You are not in the position to warn anyone of anything. This
> conversation is
> > over.
> I'm in position to tell anyone anything. If you'd prefer DPRK, this is
> a free country! Over!

Sorry that I interfere, but there seems to be a misunderstanding:

You want something.

All Sven is telling you is the following: If you want something, you can
pay money or make a good argument for it.

So as long as you don’t pay us to do it, you have to communicate with us
and convince us.

And since we are people and not emotionless robots, you need to convince us
by being nice or at least adequate (so that we’re willing to listen) while
bringing convincing arguments (so that we have incentive to do it)

OK? Then stop being rude and you might see people actually doing the things
you want.
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