Scripty and JSON plugin metadata cont'd

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Mon Dec 29 10:26:19 UTC 2014


We committed [1] in kdevplatform.git a while ago, which attempts to use .json 
files directly instead of going through .desktop files.

With the recent commit [2] in kdevplatform.git, scripty just trashed all 
translations for our plugins metadata.

I guess that should *not* happen, but I might be wrong. Just want to be sure 

@Burkhard, any ideas?

commit e1bab2d02c3dc0f69da6472f3f2fd41f23b1c828
Author: l10n daemon script <scripty at>
Date:   Mon Dec 29 08:53:23 2014 +0000

    SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file)

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