Review Request 119972: Enable loading plugins using KPluginLoader::findPlugins()

Alexander Richardson arichardson.kde at
Thu Aug 28 11:41:28 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDevelop.

Repository: kdevplatform


This iterates over all plugins in the kdevplatform/$KDEVPLATFORM_VERSION
subdirectories of QCoreApplication::libraryPaths and will then include
all plugins that contain "KDevelop/Plugin" in their service types.

This meta data is now embedded directly in the shared libraries, there
is no more need for kbuildsycoca and .desktop files.

This means we now require KCoreAddons 5.2 and KService 5.2

For testing I converted KDevWelcomepage to the new JSON metadata and it
loads fine. If this approach is deemed correct I will convert the other plugins.

It requires to get committed first.


  plugins/welcomepage/CMakeLists.txt 34ee3302fadd8a85a66dd2f5b776f0aa09468afb 
  plugins/welcomepage/welcomepageplugin.cpp d24317e7767600d2774972ace8a4f1f708c565d1 
  shell/plugincontroller.cpp 1acb54b5cd6aad61abbb515bb7b4a6aa536c7d22 



Welcomepage loads fine when opening kdevelop. It new finds 1 new style plugin and 43 old style ones instead of 44 oldstyle ones

KDEVELOP_PLUGIN_VERSION should probably get incremented once this (and the conversion of plugins to JSON) lands so that old remaining .desktop files are not found.


Alexander Richardson

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