Heads-up: Frameworks branch merged, master now KF5-based

Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Wed Aug 27 22:33:58 UTC 2014


I've now finally merged the frameworks branch of both kdevplatform and 
kdevelop into their respective master branches. In other words: 
Both kdevplatform.git and kdevelop.git master are now KF5-based.

*What does that mean for you as a user*

- If you still want the KDE4 version: 
  Checkout branch '1.7' for kdevplatform.git and branch '4.7' for kdevelop.git
- If you want to get started with KDevelop/Frameworks:
  https://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Building (use kdesrc-build!)

*Further tasks for us developers*

- Please, everyone, have a look at the failing unit tests and try to fix them
  It's important to have reliable tests before working further on the code.
- There are still lot's of KDE4->KF5 porting tasks open:
  Dāvis Mosāns seems to take care of kdevplatform.git right now,
  but kdevelop.git still needs some love here.
  (@Dāvis, could you comment on the current state?)
- Removal of deprecated API would be good now, too

*Most apparent issues in KDevelop on KF5 right now*

- KTextEditor now provides their own status bar, but we'd like to be able
  to show/hide it on request because it wastes vertical space.
  The most clean approach would be a patch in KTE, also see [1]
- CMake manager blocking the UI on project import
  (when parsing compile_commands.json)
- Anything else?

*Overall state of KDevelop on KF5*
Seems to be good for daily use already, we've fixed the most annoying issues 
during the Randa sprint. Windows support is coming along nicely and we want to 
improve that.

That's it from my side!


[1] http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.kde.devel.kwrite/38220

Kevin Funk | kfunk at kde.org | http://kfunk.org

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