Improving the templates in KDevelop/KAppTemplate

Simon Waechter waechter.simon at
Tue Apr 8 21:14:18 UTC 2014

Hi there

> Personally, I wouldn't do the moving. So far, the reasoning we've had 
> is that we keep the indispensable templtes in KDevelop and then we can 
> re-use those from kapptemplate, which take a step closer to the KDE 
> development. KDevelop is not an IDE to do KDE stuff, so we don't need 
> to assume the developers will want it by default. Arguably, they 
> should get these when installing the kdelibs5-dev package (or similar).

Sorry, I meant recommendation, not requirement. I always thought, 
KDevelop is a KDE IDE, but I think I am wrong ;)

 From Andreas:
> Now, in Debian KDevelop recommends only compilers, make and gdb. 
> CMake, kapptemplate and the translations are only suggestions. I'd 
> probably contact the maintainer to at least raise cmake and 
> kapptemplate, since even though its possible to use kdev without the 
> kdev experience is much better with both installed and I'd argue that 
> at least many users will be wanting cmake.
This sounds like a good solution if the KDevelop related templates 
remain in the KDevelop project

> Maybe the problem is just that people shouldn't be getting the 
> templates through the package manager but from some Internet service?
That sounds like an interesting idea. With an internet service do you 
mean a webview based approach (Template manager displays the templates 
from a remote server) or something like the KDE Hot New Stuff Feature 
(Sven mentioned it) ? I am not quire sure how up2date & actively used 
the KNS system is ?

So, how should we move on with this question ?


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