Fwd: parse cpp files imported by #include "*.cpp"

black 1537534854 at qq.com
Fri Nov 22 08:59:32 UTC 2013

于 2013年11月22日 08:19, Sven Brauch 写道:
> There were complaints about this issue before; there's not really a sane way
> for an IDE to know which context the file will be embedded in, since this
> might be multiple different contexts. Additionally, I consider this pattern a
> very bad idea code-wise, so I'd call this a wontfix.
> If you see a sane way to do this, feel free to come up with a patch. I don't
> think it's worth the effort though -- try solving the issue differently code-
> wise instead
Thanks for your time. It is a bad coding style indeed. However , I want 
to use kdevelop with
a big library for Computational Fluid Dynamics, named "OpenFOAM". And 
this coding style was
used in this library everywhere, the work to change this bad coding 
style in OpenFOAM will be
very huge. So it maybe worth to have a try.

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