Review Request 113599: Polish GDB pretty-printers (make compatible with Python 3.x, refactor, fix tests)

Kevin Funk krf at
Tue Nov 5 08:04:40 UTC 2013

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(Updated Nov. 5, 2013, 8:04 a.m.)


This change has been marked as submitted.

Review request for KDevelop and Niko Sams.

Repository: kdevelop


Consists of multiple commits:

Add test for KDE4 printers

Pretty-printers: Make compatible with Python 3.x

Also add, this module contains:
* Compatibility functions for Python 2.x & 3.x.
* Shared LookupFunction class

qtprinters test: Pass '-nh' to gdb process

qtprinters test: Error out early on exception


  debuggers/gdb/printers/CMakeLists.txt d30352e0c0ea28bff92a8526a85a504e765d4a3a 
  debuggers/gdb/printers/ PRE-CREATION 
  debuggers/gdb/printers/ 47294eb201a9da39b41fd19c643fb52bf02b6916 
  debuggers/gdb/printers/ 03064c0377b036c98d114f0b16ea783210ed68b0 
  debuggers/gdb/printers/tests/CMakeLists.txt aea9637ec16e12c0868bd693c995d10802ab77c3 
  debuggers/gdb/printers/tests/ktexteditortypes.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  debuggers/gdb/printers/tests/qtprinters.h 1ec38684b8281c23bab941c2345db72d53f319aa 
  debuggers/gdb/printers/tests/qtprinters.cpp e05964ababc3a84848dc0beae4f4021d9da5cf59 




Kevin Funk

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