Review Request 109612: Splashscreen part 2: give startup progress information

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Wed Mar 20 20:37:22 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


You're right of course. The reason I did it like this was that I forgot about how Qt signals work. The problem I was trying to solve was that the splashscreen class is in kdevelop, but needs to be messaged from kdevplatform. Thus I thought I'd be clever and (slightly) abuse the KSplashScreen (not KDevSplashScreen) showMessage() signal for that purpose -- which has those color and whatever arguments and also the string instead of and int. This is not necessary due to the runtime signature of Qt connections. My mistake -- I fixed it.


This belongs to
It emits a few (~10) signals from the kdev core when it's starting up, which can then be caught by the splash screen to display a progress bar.

Diffs (updated)

  shell/core.h d7ba435 
  shell/core.cpp 91a5630 



I don't see what could go wrong here.


Sven Brauch

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