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> Hi everyone,
> I just noticed that the Projects panel now displays the branch name in
> parentheses after the project name, which is nice, thank you.  But I don't
> think it is ideal.  :)  The problem is that it is not distinguishable from
> a valid project name.  Is it possible to do something to the branch name
> font to distinguish it?
> Eclipse for example puts the branch name in square brackets and uses what
> looks like a 50% grey font.  I don't think brackets are necessary when the
> font is distinctive.  I like the idea of just putting two spaces between
> the project name and the branch name (with the branch name in a 50% grey
> font).  And/or maybe prefix the branch name with the appropriate VCS
> symbol?  So many possibilities.
> Having it in there at all is very helpful, thank you.
> Jeremy
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TBH, I don't really consider it a problem, do you add () to your project
names? If you want, we can drop the label in case you have () in your
project name.

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