Review Request 109554: Fix issue in grepview plugin

Kevin Funk krf at
Sun Mar 17 21:08:56 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


Fix issue in grepview plugin

It was impossible to replace "\n" with "\n\n" before.

I really don't know what the code path replacing '\\' by '\\\\'
was supposed to do. The replacement happened depending on how to the *search* was
performed -- but this has nothing do with how the *replace* is performed(?)

Add tests.

BUG: 301362

This addresses bug 301362.


  plugins/grepview/grepoutputmodel.cpp b1784a374417a34fac8fe8d409f752eadac62aa0 
  plugins/grepview/tests/findreplacetest.cpp dcb14aaec4b05c979181902614ea34fc8d977daf 




Kevin Funk

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