Review Request 108908: Add menu action and shortcut for switch to buddy plugin

André Stein andre.stein.1985 at
Mon Feb 11 15:15:09 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


As Milian suggested some time ago I implemented a menu action (in the Navigation menu) which allows swichting to the buddy document. A global action has been added too which allows to specify a shortcut for that action (Ctrl+Shift+s per default).

As I don't have much time right now I didn't implement Milian's idea to display a document switcher window when multiple buddies are available. Right now the plugin just switches to the first, "primary" buddy document.


  interfaces/ibuddydocumentfinder.h 05fb7ee 
  plugins/switchtobuddy/CMakeLists.txt 795b5ed 
  plugins/switchtobuddy/kdevswitchtobuddy.rc PRE-CREATION 
  plugins/switchtobuddy/switchtobuddyplugin.h efa7f1e 
  plugins/switchtobuddy/switchtobuddyplugin.cpp 2a3073a 



Manual testing.


André Stein

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