Review Request 104574: Memory viewer fixes.

Ben Wagner bungeman at
Thu Feb 7 23:10:12 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


I can't commit this myself, so here's the format-patch.


This is a somewhat odd patch, since it changes what is currently dead code. However, uncommenting the relevant portions of debuggerplugin.* and CMakeLists in debuggers/gdb allows it to be used. This change makes the memory viewer at least work and not crash, which is an improvement over the existing state. This code needs more work before being re-enabled, as does the code which calls it (it is rather strange the way it's UI is set up). However, this is a good checkpoint.


  debuggers/gdb/CMakeLists.txt 021ea33 
  debuggers/gdb/debuggerplugin.h fe12ddd 
  debuggers/gdb/debuggerplugin.cpp d499af1 
  debuggers/gdb/memviewdlg.h 1629cd0 
  debuggers/gdb/memviewdlg.cpp 0500a21 



Got it working. Used it. When Okteta is installed it works and I haven't gotten it to crash again yet.

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Ben Wagner

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