Review Request 112230: Show ImplementationHelpers even if header is not in same directory

Max Schwarz at
Fri Aug 23 22:49:16 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDevelop.


The ImplementationHelper code currently only looks for the header in the same directory. Many projects, especially libraries, have a directory layout with split include/src paths, which will result in no ImplementationHelpers being shown.

Instead allow a search in all project files by setting "fast" to false on the underlying CppUtils::sourceOrHeaderCandidate() call. The "penalty" (I doubt it is noticeable) only occurs if the header cannot be immediately found in the same directory.

This addresses bug 257043.


  languages/cpp/codecompletion/context.cpp 5bb5363 



This patch has been in productive use for >1 month by me and a colleague. It makes coding in projects with split paths much faster and more fun!


Max Schwarz

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