Code completion search paths

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Mar 27 08:41:00 UTC 2012

On 27.03.12 09:06:53, Alexander Rössler wrote:
> Well, well. It seems that not the search directories are the problem, but
> the includefiles themselves. In the avr include files, a lot macros are
> used and a lot of the function calls are only small macros depending on the
> avr model which is used. kdevelep seems not recognize these macros.
> However, I send you the project, maybe you can figure out the problem (you
> need avr-gcc installed to get the include files).

That usually means you'll also have the macros inside of #idef XYZ
blocks. So Kdevelop does not only need to know about the include-dirs
but also the defines set for your source files. This is currently only
supported when using CMake (and might fail in some cases when KDevelop
doesn't understand your cmake code well enough), when using the
custom-buildsystem plugin (where you can configure the defines and their
values that are set by the actual buildsystem too) or when gcc itself
provides the defines among its set of default ones (I believe kdevelop
runs gcc to find these out already).

In all other cases you're out of luck and kdevelop will only see the
#else-block if there is one.


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