Code completion search paths

Alexandre Courbot gnurou at
Tue Mar 27 07:46:40 UTC 2012

On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 4:06 PM, Alexander Rössler
<mail.aroessler at> wrote:
> Well, well. It seems that not the search directories are the problem, but
> the includefiles themselves. In the avr include files, a lot macros are used
> and a lot of the function calls are only small macros depending on the avr
> model which is used. kdevelep seems not recognize these macros. However, I
> send you the project, maybe you can figure out the problem (you need avr-gcc
> installed to get the include files).

If you include files containing these macros are properly parsed by
KDevelop, then it should recognize them. What might happen is that
these macros are themselves conditionned to the existance of another
macro and that the KDev parser thus ignores them. You may want to
check the include files in which these macros are defined to see if
they are parsed as they should.


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