KDevelop and Java

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Mar 15 15:58:52 UTC 2012

On 15.03.12 15:02:44, Detlev Casanova wrote:
> Mmmh, I can't login on reviewboard. my login works for svn.reviewboard.kde.org 
> but not for git.reviewboard.kde.org...
> I attach the patch here.

Do you have an account on identity.kde.org? If not, set one up.

> As for java parsing, the grammar caontains lots of conflicts.

If the plugin uses kdev-pg-qt than getting messages about conflicts does
not necessarily mean they are not resolved already inside the grammer.
You should look at the grammar file, it hopefully has some comments
about which of the conflicts can be ignored or are resolved by extra
code added inside the grammar.

> I don't really understand why but I believe it may be the source of
> some problems : not creating a DuChain because the Ast is almost empty
> (The only Ast node  given by the parser is a CompilationUnit
> (equivalent to the Start in the PHP plugin))

I don't know the grammar at hand, but its quite normal to get a single
AST-object for a given file in other languages too. The object has
members to access all the different parts of the file, in the case of
java having a compilation unit would fit that scheme. So I'd say the AST
is at least not empty.


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