Unit testing (once again)

Miha Čančula miha at noughmad.eu
Wed Mar 14 09:00:07 UTC 2012

Ok guys, I believe I have something ready to be merged. Currently, this
* kdevplatform:
  - three new interfaces: ITest{Controller, Provider, Suite}
  - an ITestController implementation as a plugin
  - another plugin for the test view
  - a "run tests" button in Patch Review
* kdevelop:
  - CTest provider/runner plugin
  - Changes to the CMake parsing to store information about test added with
* kdev-php
  - PHPUnit provider/runner plugin
  - Again, changes to the parsing, so that unit the PHPUnit class
definitions are imported into every file.

Some of them are only additions (all the plugins and the new interfaces),
but there are some modifications to the existing code. I would like to get
some feedback on those, especially the language parsing, because I'm still
quite new to that. Would you prefer to look at the code in the branch,
three large ReviewBoard requests, or should I make separate review requests
for every component?
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