why isn't kdevelop pedantic save

Marcel Hellwig keks at cookiesoft.de
Mon Mar 12 13:04:19 UTC 2012

> On Monday 12 March 2012 11:46:39 Marcel Hellwig wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I try to become acquainted with kdevelop now but there are some major
>> problems, one I will claim here.
>> Why isn't kdevelop (and KDE too) pedantic save? I mean, it is a software
>> for the whole world and it should be safe and for that imo a program has
>> to compile with pedantic.
> Can you give examples for errors that make it not compile? Why do you - as a
> *user* of our software - even compile it with pedantic?
As I said, I'm trying to become a developer of kdev, but it isn't that 
easy ;)
For now I don't find any errors with pedantic, but a lot more errors, 
also in KDE itself. But it could be a bug (variadic macros).

>> But also without pedantic it gives a lot of warnings, e.g. unused
>> variable. It is that hard to comment them out or to modify the signature
>> of the method?
> Have you ever worked on a big open source project? The code is written by many
> different people and while it's easy in *some* cases to fix such warnings,
> there are places where you cannot be sure whether this is actually a bug or
> not. Hence you leave it as-is for now since it's just a warning.
Not as a main dev, but for small commits and bug fixes (bukkit and 
theier plugins).
>> It would gain a better performance, because if you don't
>> have to hand over a paramter you can save some bytes in stack and in
>> heap too.
> This is not true. Compilers are good enough to optimize these statements out,
> if they are able to emit a warning for them.
*Most* compilers, but not every one ;)
>> So. Would it be possible to programm a bit "better" (i dont want to
>> blame anyone that he (or she) is a bad programmer, but it is not that
>> fine......)
> Being better is of course something we aim for. Patches welcome. I'd like to
> enable warning-as-errors in KDevelop code base eventually, maybe even pedantic
> warnings. But as usual, there are some far more pressing issues to resolve
> first.
Oh yes there are (: You can't enable warnings as errors, because KDE 
itself has some pedantic errors and they would be hard to fix (e.g. the 
variadic errors)
In Kdevplatform are some wasted semicolons. Kind of funny (:
I'm building kdev with pedantic and I am up to 21% and my terminal is 
exploding because of errors (1000 lines until now!)
> Bye
Bye bye (:

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