Will be speaking about KDevelop at LinuxCon Japan 2012

Alexandre Courbot gnurou at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 14:00:27 UTC 2012

A little (overdue) report about the talk that took place last-last
week. Things went globally fine and the audience (around 35~40
people?) has positively received KDevelop's awesomeness. I wanted to
wait for the video to be available before posting any comment,
otherwise I would probably have embellished it with a standing ovation
from a thousand souls crowd typing "apt-get remove emacs" together
(before you guys expose my lie by remarking that one cannot applaude
and type on the keyboard at the same time).

So here you can get the crude facts (and laugh at me saying the kernel
has 1.5 millions lines of code instead of 15 millions):


So basically reception was good and now that the video is online I
hope some more interest in having KDevelop to work on the kernel will
arise. I think it might be worth to do a screencast of an improved
version of the demo once the plugin is more stable and I get enough
support pushed upstream.

But before that I will have a couple of patches to submit for review,
so let's get back at it.


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