Database Projects

Miguel Tadeu mtadeunet at
Tue Jan 10 03:01:25 UTC 2012

I'm making a proposal for a new project type. This project type is to create facilities to develop for databases. Since there's the need for some applications to use a database, it would be useful to integrate the database development into the same session as the application.

Some of the features I'm thinking of would be:
	- Reverse engineer from already existing databases
	- Tree view for the database objects(tables, views, stored procedures, functions, etc)
	- The database objects would be stored as .sql files
	- Language support for SQL
	- Code completion for SQL development, collecting the symbols from the .sql files
	- Code validation for SQL
	- Ability to easily create unit tests for functions and stored procedures
	- Data generation for testing
	- With .sql files generated in a structured tree in the file system, it would be easy to include the database in a source control system
	- Deployment of the local .sql files into one or more databases(DEV, TEST, PROD, etc)
	- Diff between databases and local .sql files
	- Generate a diff script to deploy on a database
	- Possibility to run tests against the local .sql scripts instead of the database server
	- Debug functions and stored procedures
	- Support for MySQL. Other servers would also be nice.

I'd like to hear your feedback about it.
Miguel Tadeu

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