Review Request: Save/Restore the ProjectTreeView.

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Tue Jan 3 06:29:10 UTC 2012

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Review request for KDevelop.


Save/Restore the ProjectTreeView.  This enables a more seamless transition when returning to a project that was closed.

I'm using KViewStateSaver to do the actual save/restore which unfortunately has an interface change between KDE 4.5 and 4.6, so there's a small #if #else (twice) in the code.  This can be removed when KDE 4.5 is no longer supported.

I was directed in #kdevelop to store this in the project config files (as done in this patch).  There are two implications of storing it there since the tree view combines all the projects together.  The first is that when multiple projects are open, then the stored values may contain data for other projects (in practice this is irrelevant, it just feels impure).  The other is that because it gets restored piecemeal that the scrollbar is incorrect.  This is also irrelevant.  Just imperfect.

This would also work very well stored in the session config.  To do this I would only need to add a signal for when the session is about to be closed.  Currently the QuitSession signal triggers all the cleanup and I would need to guarantee that the settings are saved before the model is emptied.

Finally, I did a best-guess to follow the coding style within kdevplatform, but some files were conflicting and (from Architecture.dox) is MIA.  So please point out any style errors as well.


  plugins/projectmanagerview/projecttreeview.h 16893f0713b83a78a5b025a55fcfa082265d4419 
  plugins/projectmanagerview/projecttreeview.cpp 8237af513627c0459d571de2bccc275e8a4b0ae9 
  project/CMakeLists.txt bac4b22b8a9966f4efe4080a6d24e0de17c48e12 
  project/projectmodelsaver.h PRE-CREATION 
  project/projectmodelsaver.cpp PRE-CREATION 



Load a session, Exit, and return.  Voilà!  The tree is right where you left it.


Andrew Fuller

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