Attaching the debugger to a running process...

Michael Hart at
Mon Feb 27 06:41:58 UTC 2012

This is absolutely madding all the documentation about Kdevelop4 I have
been able to find, including this one
says there is a menu item Run->Attach to Process. Yet after spending
looking at all my configuration options such a menu option does not exist
in my recent trunk build version of Kdevelop4

Could someone tell me how to fix what what I am missing here

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 12:58 AM, Michael Hart < at> wrote:

> Hello everyone
>    I have the latest build from trunk
> And I found this documentation at
> There was a section "
> Attaching the debugger to a running process
> Under which it said  "....To do this, go to the menu entry Run -> Attach
> to Process, which will open a window like the one above....."
> I was excited to see one of my favorite features of Kdevelop3 available in
> Kdevelop4...
> I searched and searched and could not find the "Run -> Attach to
> Process"
> As I missing something claimed by your official documentation?
> Thanks
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