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2012/2/17 Henry Miller <hank at>

> On Thursday 16 February 2012 12:14:24 Milian Wolff wrote:
> Extract method refactoring for C++.  I want to highlight a section of code,
> select extract method, and have it turned into a new function (either class
> private, or in an anonymous namespace are the normal case, but sometimes
> other
> scopes are desirable).  You need to pass in any local variables as
> parameters.
> Ideally before it does this, it would allow me to select constants within
> the
> code that could be passed in as well.  Probably not possible, in GSOC, but
> the
> ultimate ideal would be look through my class and find other functions that
> have the same logic that can not call the new function.  If there is time,
> look at other IDEs and see what refactorings they offer and implement some
> of
> them as well.
If I may make a suggestion, I would support things like that. For me the
only thing missing are some refactoring tools. They exist to some degree
(move to source, create accessors), but I'm sure that could be expanded.
For example, creating and working with d-pointers could be made much
simpler. Same for code generation, it should be easy to add a private class
when creating a class, and add properties to the private class with public

I'm sure there are more examples where code generation would be useful.
Would anyone be willing to mentor for this?
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