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I follow the qt creator mailing list as well. That blog post is optimistic. Qt creator has a branch with support for a clang parser, but there is still a lot of debate if it will ever become mainline. There are some who feel their current parser is better.

It would be cool to replace our current parsers as an experiment. On the next rev of the C/C++ standards (at least 5 years, based on history 10+) it would be nice to have something close enough to working we can make an intelligent decision on if it is worth maintaining our own parser anymore.

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Alexandre Courbot wrote:

> How about a project for a DUChain builder based on CLang? Provided
> this is doable (I played a little bit with CLang and don't see any
> reason why it would not be so far), there are many advantages:
> ...

In case someone doesn't know this yet, Qt Creator is switching to Clang:


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