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Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Fri Feb 17 09:38:18 UTC 2012

The question is not about when, but who. I couldn't do it for sure.
Also, it's a huge amout of work without an actual immediate benefit.
It's the kind of thing KDE applications tend to do way too much. If
you have something that works 99%, fix the other 1%, and don't switch
to something totally different, introducing tons of new bugs and
taking years to get to a similar state like before. KDevelop is just
getting to a point where it's stable enough to be called "stable" if a
few more things are fixed. I *really* would be against another "let's
break it all" step now.
But it's your decision, of course :)

Also, about C/C++: everybody does whatever he/she wants here with file
endings. I personally think it will introduce more problems than it
solves. The only real benefit I can see is that you'd be able to
report the use of C++ features in C code, but that doesn't really
happen that often, does it?


Am 17. Februar 2012 09:48 schrieb Alexandre Courbot <gnurou at>:
>> In case someone doesn't know this yet, Qt Creator is switching to Clang:
> Plenty of good points in this page. Using CLang/LLVM also brings the
> possibility to leverage on all the source code analysis/refactoring
> tools that are built on top of them. The question of using CLang is
> not about if, but rather about when.
> Alex.
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