A quick way to crash Kdevelop 4

Michael Hart michael.george.hart at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 10:05:01 UTC 2012

I got the FastCGI / CGI C++ Library from "URL http://cgi.sourceforge.net/"
to play around with

After making a project for the simplest example "Hello World" using the
following code

#include <iostream>
#include <boost/cgi/cgi.hpp>

namespace cgi = boost::cgi;

int main()
    cgi::request req;
    cgi::response resp;

    resp<< "Hello there, universe."
    << cgi::cookie("test", "check")
    << cgi::charset("ascii")
    return cgi::commit(req, resp);

    return 1;

Just opening up an editor, or copying the code in to the Kdevelop 4 code
editor crashes Kdevelop 4.

Sometime Kdevelop 4 will open but, I guess, as intellisense does its job
Kdevelop 4 with spontaneously crashes. Once it crashed so bad that it took
out my KDE desktop; had to restart X

I for a time I though I trace back the problem to Kdevelop 4 trying to
parse the BOOST 1.48 asio file socket_acceptor_service.hpp

As it stands the latest trunk build of kdevelop 4 is pretty useless using
if I have anyone has to use that library.

When I get a chance I will play around with the boost asio library to
discover if that is true source of the crashes since this library heavily
rely on the asio

Anyone has any ideas ?
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