Redesign of "Configure Launches" dialog

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Mon Feb 6 11:53:54 UTC 2012


oh, I didn't know you can make that area scrollable; in that case,
that's the way to go of course.

I would not like to merge those two tabs, as seperating the settings
you always need from those you rarely want to change is very important
in my opinion (the current dialog has way too much stuff in it, and it
is not as easy to find the basic options as it should be).


Am 6. Februar 2012 11:49 schrieb Vladimir Prus <ghost at>:
> On 06/02/12 13:07, Sven Brauch wrote:
>>> - I don't think that frame inside "Debugger" tab is necessary.
>> It's a scroll area, if it's not there the widget is quite huge... what
>> else should be done about that?
> Kill the frame, maybe? If the entire content is scrollable, frame seem to
> just
> add clutter.
>>> - I am not thrilled about naming tabs "General" and "Advanced". Such
>>> names
>>> don't tell user what to expect there. Maybe, "Executable" and
>>> "Environment"
>>> would be more appropriate names?
>> Yes, sure. Maybe "Environment" is not ideal when you can also
>> configure the terminal emulator there... but it's probably okay, I
>> guess.
> Well, another approach is to just merge those two tabs together. Anyway,
> "terminal emulation" is kinda part of the environment the program runs in,
> if we take 'environment' in a global sense.
> - Volodya
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