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Sun Feb 5 10:27:04 UTC 2012

Let's first clarify what we mean by "external script". Instead of
launching a native application (binary generated by g++, ...) there's
a possibility to launch, for example, a python script, or a bash
script. This functionality exists but is difficult to find. You can
also do that with the default launcher, by setting the interpreter as
the binary and the script as argument, but it's inconvenient.

Is that what you were looking for, or are you talking about something different?


Am 5. Februar 2012 06:30 schrieb Michael George Hart
< at>:
> You know I am trying to figure what you guys are talking about because for sure the adding an external script to my set of configure launch configurations would be very useful for my CUDA development.
> So given the fact I may not know what you are talking about
> When I do
>    Run->Configure Launches
> A Launch Configuration Dialog box appears.
> I have pressed every button, drop-down list and move the scroll bar around and I don't see anything about adding an external script to the set of launch configurations
> I see a convenient tool bar "External Scripts" that allows me easy use of CUDA stuff.
> So far I am quite with launch configuration, however I cannot understand what this conversation but it would seem I would want add external scripts to my launch configuration.
> Could you clarify what you are talking about -My kdevelop has been built from the latest git pull of the trunk
> Thanks
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> On Feb 4, 2012, at 8:10 PM, Sven Brauch <svenbrauch at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think I'll just copy the old build dependencies widget, if you think
>> it works okay. I never used it personally.
>> I think the tabs will work fine, they prevent an information overload
>> on the screen and help to categorize settings which are seldomly used
>> (did you ever change the debugger executable? I didn't).
>> Greetings
>> Am 5. Februar 2012 01:08 schrieb Aleix Pol <aleixpol at>:
>>> On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 11:50 PM, Milian Wolff <mail at> wrote:
>>>> On Friday 03 February 2012 18:24:54 Sven Brauch wrote:
>>>>> Hi there!
>>>>> I think most people here agree that the current "Configure launches"
>>>>> dialog is quite horrible. Let me quickly summarize the main pitfalls:
>>>>> 1. Undiscoverable: I guess most users won't find out that you can
>>>>> switch the launch configuration type to "Script" in the tree view. You
>>>>> have to horizontally scroll that treeview to uncover an unseen colum,
>>>>> then double-click some text which doesn't look like you can click it
>>>>> to activate a drop-down-list. This is especially relevant for me, as
>>>>> the python plugin requires this functionality to be easy-to-find.
>>>>> 2. Unpractical: Even if you know how it works, the whole thing feels
>>>>> really sluggish to do, because of the tiny hard-to-find "add" buttons
>>>>> and the vertical scrolling.
>>>>> 3. Illogical: Why is "Debug" a sub-item in the treeview for the launch
>>>>> configuration? In my eyes, that doesn't make any sense. The whole
>>>>> tree-view seems overkill for a top-layer which often has only one item
>>>>> (at least I seldom have more than one or two projects opened), which
>>>>> often only has one or two sub-items (the configurations) which also
>>>>> have exactly one sub-item.
>>>>> Anyway, enough said about the old one. Here's my suggestion for a new
>>>>> dialog, which I'd like to discuss and improve:
>>>>> Here's the UI file:
>>>>> Changing the "Program type" dropdown thing to something else would
>>>>> change the tab layout (for example add an "interpreter" tab).
>>>>> Please tell me what you think. Of course it's totally non-functional,
>>>>> currently (the UI file is just a mockup).
>>>> As said on IRC: Looks neat, I like it. I'd welcome an actual functional patch
>>>> which we could build on for further improvements. Just a note: the dependency
>>>> view is broken as-is though, since it's an l10n nightmare. Remove the long
>>>> sentence and replace it by e.g. an actual listview + filter for the
>>>> dependencies and put the radio below
>>>> bye
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>>> Yes, I like it too. I haven't ever tried it with the "Script"
>>> launcher, so I'm not sure what's the status there, but I know it
>>> should be improved.
>>> I also think that the build dependencies tab should stay as it is now,
>>> works fine to me. It could be easier but it's powerful.
>>> Regarding the UI specifically, I don't really know if tabs are good
>>> there, so I hope it's going to work fine :).
>>> Cheers!
>>> Aleix
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