KDevPlatform Stop actions changes

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Dec 17 23:22:59 UTC 2012


this is to notify any users of KDevPlatform and the "Stop Jobs" action
that the name for this action has changed and a new one been added.
The relevant commits are:


The stop-all-jobs action is called run_stop_all, the kactionmenu with
the individual entries for the jobs is called run_stop_menu. Please
make sure to update your xmlgui files accordingly.

As the commit logs say, this makes it possible to change the shortcut
for the stop-all-jobs action. Hence I also decided to change the
default shortcut from Escape to Ctrl+Shift+Escape (Ctrl+Escape is
taken by ksysguardd already as a global desktop shortcut), since it
seems that I'm not alone with accidentally aborting builds or even
executed applications because of hitting Escape once too often when
trying to get out of a kate passive popup or a dialog.


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