Buddy Switch

André Stein andre.stein.1985 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 19:01:55 UTC 2012

Hi Milian,

Thanks for that! I'll have a look at your points mentioned after the weekend. I had something similar in mind. 

How get a gibt account btw?


Milian Wolff <mail at milianw.de> schrieb:

>Hey Andre,
>I've merged your code now into master. I'd welcome if you could further 
>improve it:
>a) add an action to the navigation menu if the active file has a buddy we can 
>switch to, below the current "switch definition/declaration"
>b) add a generic 'Switch to buddy Document' action to the actioncollection 
>such that it can get a shortcut (see settings -> configure shortcut). if there 
>is more than one buddy, this generic action should show a small widget similar 
>to our document swichter plugin with all available buddies.
>PS: what about you get a KDE git account?
>Milian Wolff
>mail at milianw.de

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