Make Uses-Widget more useful

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Dec 3 14:10:57 UTC 2012


the uses-widget got some ui-polish lately, but I think there are still
two important things to make it really good:

1. The underlining of the Line looks bad with some fonts. Since the
number is bold its sometimes a bit larger than the "Line" word and
hence the line is a bit farther down (a pixel here) which looks really
bad. I don't know which font is being chosen, but I guess the easy fix
is to simply make the "Line" word also underlined.

2. this is more important to me personally, the actually found
location text is not clickable. From other IDE's as well as the
search/replace toolview I'm used to being able to just click on a
'found' line somewhere to jump to it. This does not work for the uses
widget and I'm required to move the long way back to the beginning of
the line.

Thoughts, Opinions?


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