Auto completion

Baradé barade.barade at
Mon Sep 26 18:36:52 UTC 2011

Just some suggestions:
- When implementing void bla(BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM(MyEnum) value); it 
should auto complete with the preprocessor and not resolve it by using 

- When implementing member functions auto completion doesn't consider 
that it is in namespace of some identifiers already:
namespace bla

class Haha
		enum Test

		Test test();

// Here it completes:
bla::Haha::Test test()

// instead of only Haha::Test


- If you're implementing functions in header files it could add an "inline" 
statement automatically.

- Is there any way to define if * and & operators should be next to identifier 
or type?

- Are there some plans to add some basic parser for Doxygen comments 
which could resolve \ref or HTML tags for example?

You're doing a great job! Thank you a lot for KDevelop!!!

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