policy on c++11 in source code

Henry Miller hank at millerfarm.com
Tue Oct 18 01:39:36 UTC 2011

Do we wish to allow C++11 constructs in kevelop code at this time?  This is 
the new standard, and it has a lot of nice things, but not all systems are 
ready for it yet, so I think we might want to hold off on requiring to for our 
source code.   

I'm trying to compile git on freebsd, which uses an old version of gcc (4.1) 
by default, for licensing reasons: GPLv3 is not allowed.  CLang is the long 
term replacement, but it isn't quite ready.

I've seen a few errors where >> was used to close templates.   
QVector<QPair<foo,bar>> for example.  Adding a space in the >> is trivial, and 
allows support for older compilers.  I can send patches, but only if they are 
likely to be accepted.

Don't be confused, I think we should support all the features for writing 
code.   However I think it best to wait a few years before using those new 
features ourselves.

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