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Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Sun Oct 2 09:25:14 UTC 2011

I think the point is, if KDevelop generates code, it needs to
understand what exactly that code means, or else it could be faulty.
It doesn't just copy parts of your definition statement or so, it does
understand exactly what the definition means, and re-models it to
create the declaration statement. In this process, macros are lost. If
you don't want this, you'd need to introduce a special hack for boost
or so.


2011/10/2 Baradé <barade.barade at>:
> On Saturday 01 Oct 2011 20:48:42 David Nolden wrote:
>> It's unclear what you mean, but generally, KDevelop works similar to a
>> real compiler, and the knowledge from which macro some code was
>> created is usually lost (the parser works with the code resulting from
>> the macro expansion).
> That's exactly the problem for preprocessors since I can't imagine any
> situation where it should be resolved by auto completion.
> Just imagine something like BOOST_FOREACH or "foreach". You would never like
> to get the code behind this instead of the macro but for BOOST_FOREACH it
> works without problems (as far as I know). I do only have problems with
> BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM used by parameters.
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