source formatting: what is supposed to be automatic now?

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon Nov 28 10:29:09 UTC 2011

On 28/11/11 14:18, David Nolden wrote:

>>> As someone who works on a completely 'misformatted' codebase on a daily
>>> base I very much agree with that. Breaking existing working behaviour
>>> for a non-negligible userbase is a no-go, even if it improves things for
>>> a different part of the userbase. But thats what master is for, identify
>>> such things and improve on that.
>> As a person who cannot switch to KDevelop for all C and C++ coding precisely
>> due
>> to insufficient formatting support, I'd also prefer a solution that does not
>> require
>> putting shell scripts into codebase. Like, I am sure I will be killed on the
>> spot if
>> I start adding kdevelop-specific .sh files to GDB.
>> It would be shame if KDevelop implements a solution that is only good for
>> working
>> on KDevelop itself.
> The very idea of the shell-script integration is that it's _not_
> kdevelop specific, unlike all the ".kateconfig" etc. _any_ script
> which formats the code the right way will do.

It might not be kdevelop-specific in theory. In practice, no project I know
uses such scripts.

> We just distribute a kdevelop-independent formatting-script called
> "" together with kdevelop, which allows mapping
> files/directories to formatting-script calls. To use it, you need to
> place at least one "format_sources" file in your project
> top-directory. Nobody forces you to check it in. The script can also
> be called from command-line or from any other IDE.

So, you suggest I somehow add those files locally, and keep them locally, and remember
to copy them over whenever I work on new branch/tree/checkout? Seems very hard to get

How comes that in Emacs, I can say "for everything under ~/Work/GDB, just use gnu style",
and it's not possible in KDevelop, which presumably should be more advanced piece of

- Volodya

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