Review Request: Properly Connect Protocol Config Widget in KDE Provider

David Narváez david.narvaez at
Sat Nov 19 14:12:33 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


Changing the name of the widget allows it to connect to the gitProtocol configuration setting. Also added the kcfg_property property to avoid issues with the QComboBox value.


  providers/kdeprovider/kdeconfig.ui c3f17a7 
  providers/kdeprovider/kdeproviderwidget.cpp 3467afb 



1. Open/Fetch Project...
2. Select the KDE Provider
3. Click on the Settings button next to the Project selection Combo Box
4. Switch to HTTP or SSH
5. Fetch the project

Before this patch, the fetching URL would always be (default for git protocol). This patch enables fetching from http and ssh too.


David Narváez

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