KDevelop's welcome page

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Nov 16 08:05:16 UTC 2011

On 16.11.11 02:29:30, Aleix Pol wrote:
> Hi!
> So I wanted to give a push to the welcome page these days, here there are
> some results. I think it's more or less ready to be merged to master, but
> probably you'll want to change some things ( ;) ) so that's why I'm sending
> this mail here.
> It's on the welcomepage branch, if you want to you can try it now. It
> should just work. If it doesn't: poke me :).
> For those lazier I've prepared some screenshots so that you can have an
> idea of what it looks like:
> http://proli.net/meu/kdevelop/kdev-welcomepage.png
> http://proli.net/meu/kdevelop/kdev-welcomepage-learn.png<http://proli.net/meu/kdevelop/kdev-welcomepage.png>
> http://proli.net/meu/kdevelop/kdev-welcomepage1.png<http://proli.net/meu/kdevelop/kdev-welcomepage.png>
> http://proli.net/meu/kdevelop/kdev-welcomepage2.png<http://proli.net/meu/kdevelop/kdev-welcomepage.png>
> Furthermore, I know I'm no good designer. If someone wants to help with the
> looks, I'll be deeply thankful :).

What about Nuno, he should be able to give you a hand or point to
someone in the kde-designer team who's able to.

Personally I'd use less colors, i.e. stick with 2 or maybe 3 colors,
possibly the ones from the first screenshot or the reddish-ones from the
review-page. Does the code use hardcoded font-color of black so that
nobody can run into a 'green font on green background' problem?

The text layout itself is quite ok IMHO. And great job on getting this


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