unit tests failing

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Thu Jul 21 11:47:23 UTC 2011

David Nolden, 21.07.2011:
> I fixed the problem. It was the clearArea(..) call in
> "changedWorkingSet", which could happen as a result of "viewAdded",
> which obviously cannot work.

Cool, thank you!

> The basic problem though is, that the clearArea is required. It is not
> possible to safely restructure the AreaIndex structure in arbitrary
> ways, which will always lead to crashes in future, when someone will
> try to do some change that sublime cannot deal with right. What we
> need is a more robust sublime library, where you can use all of the
> view-structure related API (AreaIndex etc.) without causing major
> breakages. Everything else is just a workaround.
> Making working-sets a plugin will make the problem even worse, because
> then, the unsafe management of the are-contents will have to become
> public API. The right solution is the opposite: Push the working-sets
> up into sublime (at least the non-UI part), so that they don't need to
> _listen_ and _react_ to changes of the areas, but rather _be_ the
> contents of the areas.

I'll push my branch without merging it so everyone can review it properly. 
Note though that I did not change any visibility in sublime, rather I more or 
less removed hacks which did not seem to be required anymore. I'm pretty 
confident that the approach is pretty good. I totally agree that making it a 
plugin does not fix any crashes. Rather it makes unit testing much easier and 
that should lead to an increased stability over time.

Anyhow, this discussion can take place once I actually have something for you 
guys to review. Stay tuned.

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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